Jabba The Hutt Action Playset
(1983) Kenner


I still have this set!  (except it never had Jabba’s hookah thing.  I always wondered what went in that spot..

I have fond memories of watching ROTJ (on Betamax! taped off of HBO!) and playing along with this set…

Glob, I used to play with this when I visited my grandma as a kid and it was awesome.

I have part of this set. My godfather gave me Jabba, his platform and Salacious Crumb. Best gift everrrr.

It’s official, grandparents love Jabba!

Dude. You rule.

There’s a comic book/vintage toy/movie memorbilia pawn show/antique store in town, and they have literally every vintage Star Wars playset.  Ewoks village.  Hoth.  Jabba’s palace.  The Death Star.  I’m tempted to start going in and buying a piece every week.  An AT-AT would be pretty awesome to have.

If you or anyone in your family has a history of addiction, then I would strongly suggest that you stay as far away as possible from vintage Star Wars toys.

That would have been good information to have known 18 years ago when my dad started buying me Star Wars figures.

szerintem ez a legkirályabb dolog a tumbleren!

[translation] I think it’s the coolest thing on tumblr! 

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